Truck Scales: The Diverse Marketplace for Heavy-duty Weighing Solutions

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Truck scales are a form of weighing equipment that play a crucial role in a wide variety of industries and business models. Truck scales commonly work as weighing bridges mounted on concrete foundations as well as more simplified and portable systems that can transported from one area to another.

The purpose of truck scales are to calculate the load a vehicle is carrying by measuring its weight prior to loading it up on a vehicle and after unloading it. Such is very much demanded especially on businesses in hauling and transportation.

Because of the constant need truck scale solutions, manufacturers like have opened different versions of it to make sure that all concerns in businesses shall be catered with the best and most suitable type of truck scales and heavy duty weighing equipment.

Types of Truck Scales for Sale

Weighbridge Truck Scale

One of the general kinds of such equipment vehicle is the fixed in-ground also known as the full-length scales. This type is considered to be the most expensive one having various options under it such as the low-profile, full electronic, pit, steel deck, bumper bolt restraint, concrete deck and other more. Because of the variety, users should also expect different kinds of weighing materials for it.

The reason why such type is considered the most expensive is because of the fact that it requires guardrails with sufficient space on the exit ramp. It is often fixed on the ground, hence the name. This type of truck scale is often found in shipping, trucking, and logistics where a fixed solution will be used for the long-term.

Portable Truck Scales

Second type you may find in the market are axle scales or portable truck scales. Just as its name suggests, this type of truck scale offers a very practical application as you a user may prefer installing it on a pit or above-ground level.

Portable truck scales are also heavy duty being composed of hard steel so as with convenience in installing. The downside, however, of this option is that they are considered less accurate as compared to the previous design.

Because of the portable nature of these truck scales, you can often find these truck scales for rent, as many users only need portable truck scales for limited amount of time. This offers a cost effective solution as many truck scales are extremely expensive.

On-board Truck Scales

For the third choice, one could have the on-board truck scale, which is a type of such equipment that has its weighing feature installed and integrated with the truck itself. Because of this design, user can simply maximize payload profit by allowing them to avoid fines while guaranteeing safety as well.

As for the full-length truck scales, because of its extreme components, such type can be expected to use for heavyweight operations from industries such as logging, aggregating and recycling operations. It can also be tapped for mining needs so as with transporting rocks, gravel and sand and the like. Its rugged design allows such type to endure whatever kind of heavy-lifting necessities.

The portable axle truck scales are very much required for operations that require loading and unloading in site. This is the very reason why such type has become popular over the years as it eliminates the costs often necessary and associated with in-ground scale like scale fees, driver wages and the like. This may be used for shipping and logistics of companies.

For the last kind, the portable scaling truck, is very much utilized for operations that need immediate on-site vehicle weighing. Companies tied with timber operations, asphalt facilities, construction sites and other related operations that require staying within the legal load limit on highways definitely address truck scales under this type.

Ecommerce SEO Site Audits: Awareness to Get Your Online Store Ranked

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At most SEO agencies, ecommerce SEO audits are considered major focus. Most ecommerce sites undergo SEO services, but fail to notice any significant improvement in ROI and SEO rankings. ecommerce seo

Ecommerce site owners donít have any idea about what went wrong. If youíre in this category, itís important to take a step, and invest in an ecommerce SEO audit. A detailed audit will help you realize success.

On-Page Ecommerce SEO Audit

On-page SEO, although crucial and cumbersome, accounts for just 30% of search engine algorithms. On the other hand, off-page elements carry the weight to determine an ecommerce storeís keyword rankings.

Navigation, Usability & Website Structure - Itís important to understand how an ecommerce store is structured with respect to both search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization.

This focuses on the blueprints of a website, and how cohesively product pages, sub-categories and categories are developed. In addition to the websiteís content and design, certain navigational aspects can influence usability and user experience.

Keyword Usage - In the search engine optimization arena, the right balance of keywords is very important. If your content includes a lot of keywords, you may risk penalization. However, if you donít use sufficient number of keywords, you can inhibit the websiteís maximum SEO potential. While evaluating keyword usage, the auditing includes:

  • Page Titles
  • Page Copy
  • Link Anchor Text
  • Meta Data
  • Video and Image Optimization
  • URLs

Technical Audit - There are many different components that determine the quality of an ecommerce website. When it comes to technical ecommerce SEO audit, it will include:

  • Use of an XML and HTML Sitemap
  • Website Crawlability and Health
  • Website load speed
  • Use of internal linking
  • HTML coding structure

Off-Page Ecommerce SEO Audit

As mentioned above, factors occurring off an ecommerce website have an even bigger impact to determine keyword rankings. Due to this, a successful ecommerce SEO campaign should include the following aspects:

Backlink Portfolio - When conducting off-page SEO audits, most professional companies use advanced software. This allows them to scan the website for backlinks and inbound links pointing to specific domains from other websites. Backlinks act as votes of legitimacy and credibility. They can have a major impact on a websiteís ranking potential and authority.

In addition to this, the quality of an ecommerce websiteís backlink portfolio is very important. Websites with natural backlinks coming from high quality sources are ranked better by search engines. During the audit process, both the quality and number of backlinks are assessed.

Social Media Presence - In recent years, social media has been a major factor to determine search engine rankings. Social signals are very important factors. As part of standard ecommerce SEO audits, the company assesses the overall strength of the ecommerce storeís social media presence. Itís important to have a strong following on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Not all ecommerce SEO audit providers will reveal off-page factors, although they are some of the most important. For this reason, we suggest checking out the free ecommerce SEO audits at At Click Centric SEO, qualified ecommerce sites can get auditing done all of the latter factors, and more.

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

In most cases, itís debated whether a webmaster should have the website integrated with Google Webmaster Tools or Google Analytics. However, these programs can be critical to measure the overall success of your SEO campaign, and conduct an ongoing analysis.

In case youíre not focusing on these programs for the ecommerce website, you should get them installed. Moreover, you should hire experts to conduct a thorough ecommerce SEO audit on the website. It will have a huge impact on your rankings.

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