How to Assess the Warehousing Capabilities of Third-Party Logistics Providers

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Making the decision to invest in a warehousing and third party logistics provider is not easy for most business. Because there are so many elements involved in fluid supply chain, there are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

distribution warehousing logistics

Below we highlight some of the most influential and important variables that businesses should assess when looking to recruit the expertise and resources of today's warehousing and logistics companies.


Then first thing to consider when evaluating a third party logistics provider is their technology. If their technology is not up to date then this could cause some problems between your shipping and storage needs. It may also cause your product quality to suffer if your products need to be refrigerated or controlled at a specific temperature for sometime before being distributed to your clients from the warehousing. Asking these questions will help you to select the best warehousing provider for your business.


You’ll also need to consider the communications between your transportation providers and your warehousing sources. You need to be able to structure both of these systems to work well together in order to prevent inadequate storage space or incorrect shipment dates or products. This is particularly important for logistics that are nationwide, such as transferring goods from distribution warehouse in Florida to a distribution center in California.

Ask your warehousing source what their policies are upfront and if they are affiliated with a particular transportation service in the area as well. Also advise them if you currently have a transportation service of your own that you’d like to stick with. This can help you to streamline your distribution logistics and warehousing needs for hassle free interactions with both.

Data Access & Analysis

You also need to make sure that when using a warehousing that you will be able to access the appropriate data about the goods that are being stored there. You need to be able to understand how much product is in the warehousing to keep up a constant supply. 

This is also helpful when filling large orders to help the client be sure of how much product that you may have available. Knowing about your supply can also prevent overproduction of perishable food items as well which could cause you to lose profit without attention to this.

Warehousing Capabilities

Other questions to ask are just what storage solutions that a third party company can provide for you. Does their warehousing only provide storage for dry non perishable goods? Or do they store refrigerated and frozen goods as well as other perishable items. 

Be sure to get this information up front to avoid misunderstandings after products are already headed toward to warehousing for storage. This will help you to select the correct warehousing for your goods to get the best value for your money.

Establish Needs & Requirements

Being upfront with potential warehousing providers can help you to get the best services available. Tell them what you’re looking to store, what you expect of them, and ask about their information systems to get a better idea if the services that they will be providing to you if you chose to work with them. You will want to go with a company who is using the most up to date technology to be sure that you can access your product quantities and track drop offs at any time to help supply your customers much more easily.

Be sure that you know their collaboration policies between themselves and transportation companies as well. You’ll want to be sure that they are willing to work with your provider before beginning business with them. So keep these points in mind and you’ll be ready to find a great warehousing provider for your business in no time at all for all of your storage needs.

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On-board Truck Scales: Helping Farmers Optimize Harvest Management

posted by admin @ 5:40am, Wednesday 4 February 2015.

Technology has played a huge role in building systems that are efficient and accurate. For a long time now, technology has been applied in the agricultural sector. This is especially seen in today's on-board truck scales. on-board scale grain truck

As its name suggests, these scales are applied to the actual vehicle or piece of equipment. On-board truck scale systems enable the weight measurement to be determined directly at the truck. On-board truck scales come with several benefits to farmers. They maximize on efficiency in the weighing process, offer exceptional convenience, save on time and money and ensure accurate payload weighing systems. 

On-board Scales for Various Types of Vehicles

on-board scale systemOn-board truck scales have been designed in a way that can easily fit into various agricultural equipment and trucks. These scales can easily fit into a variety of equipment; they can be installed in skid steers, haul trucks, grain carts and loaders. 

The installation process is simple. After installation, readings can be easily taken on the trucks themselves. The scales feature extreme durability and will operate well for a very long time without needing to be calibrated. Suppliers of on-board truck scales, like are continuously improving upon these systems to make them even more reliable and dependable for customers.

Optimize Weighing Efficiency

Unlike other forms of truck scales for sale such as weighbridges, axle scales or wheel weighers, the on-board truck scales considerably optimize efficiency for various operations and weighing systems. The loads are further tracked and weighed during transportation. Any additional time that could be taken to measure the payloads is significantly reduced. This is why these on-board scales have gained huge popularity and are increasingly being used for various operations by farmers. 

Determine Harvest Values Accurately

on board scale readoutThe on-board truck scales are useful in agricultural and farming applications, especially during harvest seasons. The on-board truck systems provide a dependable mechanism to track production data. These weigh scale systems provide the right weight every time you use it. 

Every farmer that uses these systems benefits from not only the efficiency, but the accuracy of their measurements. Furthermore, these weighing systems have been made more convenient through an easier User Interface. Its digital display units make it perfect for easy weighing and fine tuning needs. This will boost agricultural growth if accurate payload process is important.

Save Time & Money

on-board truck scales work in a fast and accurate way. This means that farmers can save their time and money in various business operations. Since the scales can be weighed directly from the load, it reduces the weighing time and eradicates unnecessary steps in the payload management process. Accurate payloads save on the farmers’ money and rapid weighing process makes the agricultural operation time less and efficient. 

on-board truck scales further extend into other facets of industrial scale and heavy duty weighing. Various heavy duty farmers can integrate these systems on their trucks. This ensures that heavy weighing that can be efficiently and easily done. 

The possibilities, applications and benefits of on-board truck scales are endless. These scales employ technology that is simple and effective. Every farmer that uses them will highly benefit in efficiency and accuracy. Apart from farmers, ag producers further benefit in the harvest management process. These farm scales will always offer an exceptional solution to anyone that would like to streamline their weighing operations. 


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Walz Scale Advances the Industry Standard With Truck Load Scanner

posted by admin @ 6:12am, Wednesday 14 January 2015.

Walz Scale, innovator and leader in truck scales, weigh systems and load management solutions, has unveiled the new truck load scanner system. This truck load scanner is advancing the industry standard for load measurement and data management by providing an efficient means to calculate load volume, weight, and other metrics.

load scanner

The Walz truck load scanner arrives at your door fully configured and ready to install. It consists of the following components:

  • Payload Pro Operating System (Windows based)
  • Load Scanner Head (Scanning Device)
  • Foundation and Mount
  • Detailed Installation and Operation Instructions

With the fully configured scanner, it’s easy to install the entire system in couple of hours, thereby reducing overall cost and allowing for the same day operation of the system. Company provides initial support if requested and can even arrange onsite visit or through remote login via the Internet.

Load Scanner Site Requirements

The load scanner’s site requirements for communication and power are:

  • WiFi network or Hard wire Ethernet cable
  • 115VAC/ 12VDC power source
  • Mounting location for the scanner pole

Simple & Fast Load Scanning Operation

The Walz truck load scanner system is an in-motion or dynamic method of managing actual carrier load in open top trucks and other vehicles. Typically the trucks to be weights are first scanned empty and this scan is then stored in the system for reference against future loaded scans on the truck. 

load scanner 3D image

The load scanner system can easily compare loaded scans to the empty scans and can generate a load ticket for each and every load that shows net payload weight and actual material carried volume if operator has entered the known material density into the system.

Permanent or Portable Load Scanner Operation

The goal of the company was to provide a load scanner system that was flexible to meet variety of needs. Based on the design, the customers can easily mount this system on any fixed location or use it in a portable configuration. The following configurations are available:load scanner data

  • Semi-Permanent installation
  • Permanent installation
  • Portable trailer mounted
  • Portable truck mounted

Unattended Vehicle Identification

The system can scan the vehicles without any need of operator if you incorporate the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system into this load scanner system. This technology comprises of a special RFID reader and small RFID tags (mounted on every truck). When the vehicle approaches the scanner, the load scanner reader technology will immediately read the truck mounted tag and automatically operate the scanner to successfully capture the driver’s identification, vehicle’s scan, material carried and much more.

Truck Speed

This dynamic in-motion truck load scanning process can be operated at speeds of around 25+ mph, but the ideal speed to achieve higher accuracy is 5mph. The ability to scan trucks at higher speeds means that this technology can be easily incorporated into your existing work flow without any disruption to production.

Load Scanner for Your Trucks

The Walz truck Load Scanner has been designed and tested to scan many types of open top vehicles from large off-road mining trucks and semi-tractor trailer trucks.

Load receipts or load tickets are generated for all loaded scans. Within the load scanner system settings, you can choose to print or email these load tickets in real time. The included load images are for visual representation of the load and for much improved customer acceptance. These may include the following data: Net Payload, Carried Volume, 3D load images, and Gross Vehicle Weight. You can choose the data to by included in the tickets as per your preference.

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