Portable Truck Scales Offer Ideal Weighing Solution for Farmers

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Among the most tedious and laborious things a farmer has to deal with are weighing truck loads to measure crop weight and calculate the price of their harvest. Farmers who have numerous fields spread scattered about their properties are faced with even greater logistics challenges with crop management.

Most farm truck scales are static, or fixed, which means that every time the farmer fills a truck load, he has to transport the load to a scale station for measurement. This is why agricultural technology companies like Ag Weigh advanced the industry standard with portable truck scales.

portable truck scale unit

Why Portable Truck Scales Are So Effective

Portable truck weigh scales are fantastic for large scale farmers with widespread growing operations. The complete scale system can be packed up and moved in just a few minutes. By moving the scale along with the work, the farmer saves himself a lot of time and effort. Not all portable truck weigh scales are the same: there is a wide variety in design, functionality, and purpose.

Ag Weigh offers a number of different truck scales that are easy to carry around with you. The first line is the portable axle scale systems which make it easier for farmers to make quick weight measurements during production or seeding time.

Another popular design that Ag Weigh offers are portable weigh pads, which are far more versatile than most truck scale systems. The weigh pads make set-up and tear-down a breeze. Additionally this like of portable truck scales helps in managing load weights based on the variety in calculation and management options he unit offers.

complete portable truck scale package

The Evolving Technology of Heavy-Duty Scales

In addition to the products that Ag Weigh has to offer, there are numerous alternative options on the market. Walz Scale is another company that sells portable truck scales that are of high quality and top notch design. Their models include the AXW-30T axle scales as well as the AXW 45T & 95T Axle Scales. (The "T" indicates the approximate weight in tons that the scale handles.) scale with truck

The most important thing to do when considering one of these products is to do your research and make sure that the scale you choose is sufficient for the job you have to do. Portable truck scales are often a great asset for most farmers, however, there are many other options available. In addition to portable truck scales, there are many different types of weighing systems that are also ideal for farmers, such as on-board farm truck scales, conveyor belt scales, rail scales, and weighbridges. Several companies even offer various truck scales for rent. For more information, check out this post that shares a number of truck scale rental suppliers.

Harvest is a very exciting time of the year for farmers. However, the farming job can be very stressful because it is difficult to predict exactly how good of a harvest you’ll have, and it only takes one really bad year to ruin a career. Leveraging the power of these portable truck scales can offer a sound solution to meet any farmers' weighing needs while making the most of any harvest.

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3 Leading Online Bush Hog Parts Dealers

posted by admin @ 6:40pm, Thursday 12 March 2015.

Bush Hog is one of the most famous and reputable producers of quality lawn mowers and agricultural equipment. Bush Hog is a brand that stands for high-quality and innovative products, and over the years, has earned a huge loyal following of customers as well as vendors.

If you use you Bush Hog equipment regularly, you know how dependable and long lasting it is. However, with any form of landscaping and lawn equipment, you'll probably have to repair and replace some of the parts once in awhile.

Bush hog parts dealers online

Finding the right Bush Hog parts dealer to supply you with what you need is not easy. Thile there are many Bush Hog parts dealers on the market, not all of them have the expertise you need and not all of the can supply you with the right equipment.

Below is an overview of three leading online Bush Hog parts dealers: German Bliss, Ag-Pro, and Messicks. All of these authorized Bush Hog dealers have an established reputation in the market and provide a dependable solution to find replacement parts for Bush Hog mowers and agricultural equipment

German Bliss

With headquarters located in Central Illinois, German Bliss has in business since more than 70 years. While they offer new and used Bush Hog mowers and landscaping equipment, German Bliss also offers an online store for Bush Hog parts. The hands-on customer experience in Bush Hog equipment, coupled with their online parts department, makes them a reliable source for Bush Hog parts online.

The online store of German Bliss deserves some special attention, especially if you need help find specific replacement parts. The company offers a huge supply of Bush Hog parts. Whatever you need, you will find it in German Bliss' online shop. The shipping is fast and accurate. You will not have to wait long until you get your equipment.

The online catalogue is already quite comprehensive, but in case you cannot find the Bush Hog parts you need, you can contact the hotline and ask for information. You can also send an email with the parts you want and German Bliss will process your order and send you the parts your machine requires.


With a reputation for competitive prices and great customer service, Ag-Pro has worked together with Bush Hog for many years. They offer great service and competitive prices. Ag-Pro regularly offer specials which are quite attractive. However, you will only benefit from these offers if you are a preferred customer already. The Ag-Pro service hotline is very helpful and informative.

Ag-Pro is a service and warranty dealer for Bush Hog equipment. If you want to order online, you can use their ebay store. However, you need an ebay profile in order to do this. Moreover, the ebay store does not provide a big choice. If you order with Ag-Pro, it is better to use their hotline. In this case, you can also benefit from their consulting.



Presenting a huge portfolio of products, Messicks offers a wide variety of brands. Their portfolio includes more than 250 brands. Bush Hog is just one of them. They are one of the leading distributors and claim that every shipping reaches the customer within one business day.

Messicks offers less in terms of Bush Hog parts as the company is not as comprehensive as German Bliss, but you can get many other parts on their page. Especially interesting on Messicks site is the offer of collectibles and toys. Other dealers do not have these offers in their portfolios.

All together, the three online Bush Hog parts dealers all have their strengths and weaknesses. The focus of each is a bit different. They all offer Bush Hog parts, but if you are planning to order them online, German Bliss will be the best choice.


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How to Assess the Warehousing Capabilities of Third-Party Logistics Providers

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Making the decision to invest in a warehousing and third party logistics provider is not easy for most business. Because there are so many elements involved in fluid supply chain, there are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

distribution warehousing logistics

Below we highlight some of the most influential and important variables that businesses should assess when looking to recruit the expertise and resources of today's warehousing and logistics companies.


Then first thing to consider when evaluating a third party logistics provider is their technology. If their technology is not up to date then this could cause some problems between your shipping and storage needs. It may also cause your product quality to suffer if your products need to be refrigerated or controlled at a specific temperature for sometime before being distributed to your clients from the warehousing. Asking these questions will help you to select the best warehousing provider for your business.


You’ll also need to consider the communications between your transportation providers and your warehousing sources. You need to be able to structure both of these systems to work well together in order to prevent inadequate storage space or incorrect shipment dates or products. This is particularly important for logistics that are nationwide, such as transferring goods from distribution warehouse in Florida to a distribution center in California.

Ask your warehousing source what their policies are upfront and if they are affiliated with a particular transportation service in the area as well. Also advise them if you currently have a transportation service of your own that you’d like to stick with. This can help you to streamline your distribution logistics and warehousing needs for hassle free interactions with both.

Data Access & Analysis

You also need to make sure that when using a warehousing that you will be able to access the appropriate data about the goods that are being stored there. You need to be able to understand how much product is in the warehousing to keep up a constant supply. 

This is also helpful when filling large orders to help the client be sure of how much product that you may have available. Knowing about your supply can also prevent overproduction of perishable food items as well which could cause you to lose profit without attention to this.

Warehousing Capabilities

Other questions to ask are just what storage solutions that a third party company can provide for you. Does their warehousing only provide storage for dry non perishable goods? Or do they store refrigerated and frozen goods as well as other perishable items. 

Be sure to get this information up front to avoid misunderstandings after products are already headed toward to warehousing for storage. This will help you to select the correct warehousing for your goods to get the best value for your money.

Establish Needs & Requirements

Being upfront with potential warehousing providers can help you to get the best services available. Tell them what you’re looking to store, what you expect of them, and ask about their information systems to get a better idea if the services that they will be providing to you if you chose to work with them. You will want to go with a company who is using the most up to date technology to be sure that you can access your product quantities and track drop offs at any time to help supply your customers much more easily.

Be sure that you know their collaboration policies between themselves and transportation companies as well. You’ll want to be sure that they are willing to work with your provider before beginning business with them. So keep these points in mind and you’ll be ready to find a great warehousing provider for your business in no time at all for all of your storage needs.

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