Walz Scale Advances the Industry Standard With Truck Load Scanner

posted by admin @ 6:12am, Wednesday 14 January 2015.

Walz Scale, innovator and leader in truck scales, weigh systems and load management solutions, has unveiled the new truck load scanner system. This truck load scanner is advancing the industry standard for load measurement and data management by providing an efficient means to calculate load volume, weight, and other metrics.

load scanner

The Walz truck load scanner arrives at your door fully configured and ready to install. It consists of the following components:

  • Payload Pro Operating System (Windows based)
  • Load Scanner Head (Scanning Device)
  • Foundation and Mount
  • Detailed Installation and Operation Instructions

With the fully configured scanner, it’s easy to install the entire system in couple of hours, thereby reducing overall cost and allowing for the same day operation of the system. Company provides initial support if requested and can even arrange onsite visit or through remote login via the Internet.

Load Scanner Site Requirements

The load scanner’s site requirements for communication and power are:

  • WiFi network or Hard wire Ethernet cable
  • 115VAC/ 12VDC power source
  • Mounting location for the scanner pole

Simple & Fast Load Scanning Operation

The Walz truck load scanner system is an in-motion or dynamic method of managing actual carrier load in open top trucks and other vehicles. Typically the trucks to be weights are first scanned empty and this scan is then stored in the system for reference against future loaded scans on the truck. 

load scanner 3D image

The load scanner system can easily compare loaded scans to the empty scans and can generate a load ticket for each and every load that shows net payload weight and actual material carried volume if operator has entered the known material density into the system.

Permanent or Portable Load Scanner Operation

The goal of the company was to provide a load scanner system that was flexible to meet variety of needs. Based on the design, the customers can easily mount this system on any fixed location or use it in a portable configuration. The following configurations are available:load scanner data

  • Semi-Permanent installation
  • Permanent installation
  • Portable trailer mounted
  • Portable truck mounted

Unattended Vehicle Identification

The system can scan the vehicles without any need of operator if you incorporate the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system into this load scanner system. This technology comprises of a special RFID reader and small RFID tags (mounted on every truck). When the vehicle approaches the scanner, the load scanner reader technology will immediately read the truck mounted tag and automatically operate the scanner to successfully capture the driver’s identification, vehicle’s scan, material carried and much more.

Truck Speed

This dynamic in-motion truck load scanning process can be operated at speeds of around 25+ mph, but the ideal speed to achieve higher accuracy is 5mph. The ability to scan trucks at higher speeds means that this technology can be easily incorporated into your existing work flow without any disruption to production.

Load Scanner for Your Trucks

The Walz truck Load Scanner has been designed and tested to scan many types of open top vehicles from large off-road mining trucks and semi-tractor trailer trucks.

Load receipts or load tickets are generated for all loaded scans. Within the load scanner system settings, you can choose to print or email these load tickets in real time. The included load images are for visual representation of the load and for much improved customer acceptance. These may include the following data: Net Payload, Carried Volume, 3D load images, and Gross Vehicle Weight. You can choose the data to by included in the tickets as per your preference.

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Weighbridge Scales Streamline Shipping & Logistics

posted by admin @ 3:55am, Wednesday 17 December 2014.

Weighbridge scales have been used for many years in order to optimize the processes of heavy-duty load measurement from trucks. Most often, they are referred to as steel-deck truck scales, yet they are unlike other varieties of truck scales. 


Weighbridge truck scales are most often permanently affixed to a particular location. These scales are mounted on concrete platforms, which allows for rugged and durable use, as wll as minimal damage to be incurred to the equipment or the trucks themselves. This allows weighbridges to be utilized consistently for multiple years.

Features & Advantages of Weighbridge Scales

Weighbridge scales are built with a rugged design, robust sensors for weight, and are manufactured with the highest quality of standards and ongoing support. Weighbridge truck scales, Walz Scale weighbridges are characterized by a variety of advanced features that guarantee dependable calculations and accurate measurements. This quintessential scale provided by Weighbridge that is used in the field of logistics is composed of a trio of features known as: output displays, sensors and processor.

  • Output Displays – Weighbridges come standard with a separate, large, ergonomic screen that allows for the swift reading of weights.
  • Sensors – They are installed on the truck rail/road in order to capture the readings of a truck and its load as it passes through. This allows for no damage to be sustained to the truck and keeps time off-road to the bare minimum.
  • Processor – Uses the information provided by the sensors in order to accurately calculate the weight of trucks at all levels.

Taking Shipping & Logistics to the Next Level

Within the industries of shipping and logistics, numerous loads pass through pre-shipment warehouses and ports and must be measured. Weighbridges allow for the most accurate readings through their incredible variety of scales. Depending on the use and location of the scale, they can be pit or surface mounted. Any vehicle scale application can be met by a factory manufactured, performance tested weighbridge scale.

Any weighbridge can be paired with state-of-the-art accessories, indicators and software so that your data management and weighing needs complete and comprehensive. With the wide variety of advanced truck scales for sale available, as well as the amount of vendors that can provide them, it is imperative to ensure that you choose the proper weighbridge for your particular needs.

The use of a weighbridge truck scale will save thousands of dollars because they are able to help in avoiding costly fees for having trucks over weight limits set by regulations. These scales are also incredibly beneficial for those in mining and agricultural industries. It can be an incredibly daunting task to get a proper weight measurement in those industries that the use of weighbridges appears to be the answer to their prayers.

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AgWeigh's Yield Load Scanner for Efficient Crop Management

posted by admin @ 4:32am, Saturday 13 December 2014.

The AgWeigh Yield Load Scanner is an innovative device that provides increased efficiency and accurate load calculations for all types of demands, particularly farmers who need to weigh crop and harvest loads. 

The Yield Load Scanner has the ability to scan in-motion truck loads. The scanner’s features advanced Yield Pro Software that captures and manages the agricultural operations’ field and farm harvest data.

The Yield Load Scanner comes with the following standard features:

  • The Yield Load Scanner provides in-motion scanning for optimal efficiency and throughput
  • It's considered cutting edge new technology among all payload management systems
  • The Yield Load Scanner allows the management of harvest data without the need of an expensive truck scale
  • The Yield Load Scanner can be used in portable as well as fixed applications
  • The load scanner offers simple operation and low maintenance

Advanced Features of The Yield Load Scanner from AgWeigh

Yield load ScannerAgWeigh Yield Load Scanner is easy and quick to install. All its systems can be installed on site and operated in the same day. The Yield Load Scan is fast in operation; all its scans and calculations are taking just a few seconds to be performed. Operators of the load scan can remotely access load data by using the scanner’s advanced software solutions. The intuitive Yield Pro platform allows operators to assess payload data and manage processes.

AgWeigh scale systems are accessible from many different mobile devices and computers. All these features make the Yield Load Scanner an ideal solution for automating and optimizing harvest management processes.

A Truck Load Scanner Engineered to the Highest Quality of Standards

Load Scanner SoftwareAmong most truck load scanner systems available on the market, the AgWeigh system is engineered to the highest quality standards. Even in the most rouged operations and harsh environment conditions, the system is proven to have an extended lifespan. The Load Scanner from AgWeigh can be installed in all types of terrain. The load scanning platform is hard-mounted, but it can be re-installed as needed.

The AgWeigh Load Scanner can be used in agricultural operations for efficient crop management by scanning the in-motion harvest trucks and calculating the bushel for field, farm, or load. The bushel calculations for loaded trucks are made automatically by the load scanner software. This permits monitoring and managing yields without using expensive truck scales. The system provides real time measurements of load volumes for in motion trucks. 

Simple to Operate and Maintain

In the first step, the empty trucks are scanned and the measurements are stored in the system. In the second step, the trucks are scanned loaded and the system calculates the actual carried volume by comparing the empty scans with the loaded scans data. This way the system can provide many different reports and load imagery for each truck. You can even receive the load data on your email.

The revolutionary technology developed by AgWeigh can be used in any location in the field where you need to truck your agricultural production by grain cart or truck. The Yield Load Scanner systems can be mounted to trails or trucks. The systems can be run by remote monitoring, from touch screen tablets, computers or laptops. Every load is recorded in high definition 3D images. These images can be used for monitoring material compaction, load position, spillage, carry back, and load ticket verification.

The Yield Pro Software can also store the 3D load images on web based cloud data storage. The yield data can be accessed from any device or location with an Internet connection. The AgWeigh’s Yield Load Scanner system can be further automated by integrating a Video Vehicle Recognition System or RFID. For even greater data collection, the load scanner can also be integrated to existing or new in motion axle or truck scales.


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